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Chairman - Vince Fowler

Parkhalls own Ron Jeremy - Vince who's stage name is Ron has for many years been associated with a long list of adult movies, the ladies just melt at his feet. Parkhall are lucky to have someone who is so used to being in the public eye to head up our organisation. You see him here delighted to have found a new location for his next movie. Some people call him 'Wimpy' but we have yet to find out why?

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Secretary & Treasurer- Roy Bamford

Roy or 'MC' as he is normally known has always been a 'Rappa' at heart. He was the inspiration for many modern day Rap and Hip-Hop stars. Tinchy Stryder, 50 Cent and Snoop Dog to name just a few of those he has helped to fame and stardom. 'MC' is never happier then when he has a microphone in is hand and Parkhall are lucky to have such a competent front man for our events. 'MC' has been secretary of the club for many years and flys both scale, pod and boom helis .

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Safety Officer - Paul Creswell

Cress is one of Parkhalls Alpha flyers. He should be he has been flying for a long time. I appreciate he doesn't look a day over fifty but he only had a small paper round. Favourite celebrity - Finless Bob. Favourite Heli - Raptor 30 (but still getting used to the power)!

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Safety Officer - Paul Graham

PG is also one of Parkhalls Safety Officers. He is a long standing member of the club, despite flying planks we don’t hold any grudges and still associate with him.

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Training Officer - Phil 'BA' Brown

Phil will happily spend time trying to help you improve your flying skills. Don't upset him though he has got a 'Bad Attitude'. A word of caution, in your desire to improve your skills, don't let him near your most prized Helis - he will smash them to pieces! Phil is also one of the clubs web masters so you can call him 'Master' for short.

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Members Representative - Robert Radford

Bob has decided to resign from the post as Members Rep