We are actively seeking new members, if you are interested in joining our club please click on the membership application button below....

Potential New Members

We can offer potential new members three introductory flight days as a guest before becoming a member.
It is not necessary to pay any club membership fees during this trial period.
Come along and join in for a few days to meet the members and see if you like the club.

The following is reproduced from the club constitution to give you an idea of likely membership fees….
The financial year shall run from JANUARY 1ST TO DECEMBER 31ST.
Fees shall consist of: BMFA Membership at current rates (unless the member arranges their own BMFA membership)
CLUB SUBSCRIPTION – Currently £35 per adult
New member joining fee of £15
Junior members under 18 at 1st January are free.
New members joining during August, September and October will pay £20 plus the new member joining fee.
New members joining during November and December will pay the full year’s membership plus the new member joining fee, but will then be deemed to be fully paid for the following year.
The club subscription shall be decided each year by the committee. Any member not having paid club fees by the 31st January shall not be eligible for automatic re-membership and not allowed to use the club facilities unless re-adopted as a member by the committee, and will be liable to pay the new member joining fee.